Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Another Precious Mug Exchange - Fall 2017

"As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country."
Proverbs 25:25

I cannot begin to say how much Stephanie's Mug Exchanges have meant to me.
It is SO much fun to meet the new friend you are to send a mug to, to see what they like, and to go out shopping to try to match up some neat goodies with the things they tell you about themselves.
The sending is just an absolute ball, and the receiving?
Well, let's just say that opening up a package, lovingly put together by another, completely different new friend, who did their utmost to make your package just as special as the one you sent out...
is just a HUGE blessing and joy!

We were heading out of town, and I wasn't sure if the package from my mug partner would arrive 
before we left.  
I had resigned myself to wait until we got back home, 
but, guess what happened?
The very day we were leaving, the package arrived!!!
There it was!
In all its glory!
Oh, my!
I was SO happy!!!!
I was like a kid in a candy store!

Zach opened the box for me as we traveled along, and this, dear friends, 
is what he found tucked ever so carefully inside!!!!!

A precious stationary box, lovingly made and decorated by my dear mug partner, Amy, and her son.
Lavender is my favorite color, so you can imagine the "oohing" and "ahhing" that was going on in the car when Zach pulled this beauty out of the box!
SO much love and thought went into this!
And, to think that her son helped her with it made me think of dear Zach and how he constantly helps me with things like this and is such a dear comfort and blessing, and well, I was just overwhelmed, and it all just reduced me right down to tears!
Not only is the outside of the box just beautiful, 
but, in addition to the outer loveliness, just look at what we found inside.

Amy and her son added beautiful lace to the mirrored lid,
included two writing pens...

...and when we lifted the wooden compartments, 
we found the loveliest note cards underneath!

 Not only are the note cards adorable,
but we found that the inside of the darling cards are imprinted with one of our favorite Bible verses ever!

Oh, how wonderful!
How did my new friend know just exactly what to include in this amazing box?
It was like she has known me for years!!

I recently had a birthday, and my dear, sweet, loving, thoughtful husband and son bought 
something for me that I have wanted for oh, so long!!!
A KEURIG!!!!!!!
I cannot begin to tell you how much not just I, but all 3 of us, have been enjoying using it!
SOOOO, imagine my joy and squeals of delight to find this sweet box of pods in the box!!!!
And, in one of my favorite flavors, to boot!!!!

Next, we moved on to one of my favorite, favorite ways to sweeten.
I use honey a LOT, since I have pretty much cut out almost all white, refined sugar.
I have no words to express my love for this ooey, gooey, golden goodness!
Especially, any local is the absolute best!
As we all know, it can get a tad expensive, so this huge 1 lb. jar just majorly blessed my heart.
I don't usually use much at a time, so this should last me for a long time.
I LOVE sweetening my coffee with half & half and HONEY!!!!!
So delicious, and I will think of my new friend, Amy, each time I open this jar of lusciousness!!

Zach kept pulling out stuff...I wondered when the flow of goodies would end!!
My pulse quickened as I saw something else lavender!!!!!!!
It has to be the sweetest gift box ever!

I instantly fell in love with the box....but, oh, my!!!
Wait until you see what was inside.

A wooden cross!!!!!

Dear Amy did not know, but lately, in correlation with the heavy events of our lives, God has repeatedly brought "crosses" across my path....through various channels.
It happens in ways that are so pronounced, it is completely evident that God wants me to notice the significance.
So, when Zach opened this box to find this dear wooden cross inside, 
I was nearly speechless.
(You know that doesn't happen to me very often.☺)

Amy said her daughter picked it out for me.
Bless her sweet heart, that girl was following a major prompt from the precious Holy Spirit.
Only He knew how much I would need this...especially, right at the time I received it.
Bless Amy and her daughter and son!

And, that's not all!!!!
As if all this wasn't enough, oh, my, are you ready for this?
Last, but definitely not least......

I can NOT begin to tell you how much I love, love, love, love, LOVE this mug!!!!!!!!

It is so dainty and feminine and delicate, and I am just crazy about it.
Oh, my word, it has become my new favorite!!!!!
And, it is BIG!!!
So, it holds a LOT of coffee, at a time.

I want to mention an added blessing in this box....Amy probably doesn't realize how much it meant to me.
She had wrapped the breakable goodies in two homey, dish towels that I just love!!!!!
It is the little things that matter most.

And, guess what was on the front of the note card Amy included in the box?
Any guesses?????

A beautiful cross, of course, with a sweet, heartfelt note written inside and signed like this...

A big thank you to Amy and her dear children for all of the love, thought, work, and energy they put into every, single thing in this box!!!!

May God bless and return every, single act of kindness back to them a hundred fold!!!

And, another huge thank you to Stephanie for another amazingly blessed mug exchange!!
I am so grateful to you, my friend.
You put so much into this, and, you, yourself, are such a gift to us all!!!
God bless you over and over and over again.

Thank you, sweet readers, for stopping by here to visit.
You are so special and dear to my heart.